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WEIRD WOOD Slap Shot Hanson Brothers Skateboard Deck 8.5″ With Free Grip

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WEIRD WOOD Slap Shot Hanson Brothers Skateboard Deck 8.5″

WEIRD WOOD Slap Shot Hanson Brothers Skateboard Deck 8.5″ is a new deck from Weird Wood. Hence This particular graphic is based off the Hanson Brothers from the movie Slap Shot. Like all Weird Wood decks, it is the highest quality. Hand pressed, shaped, and hand screen printed graphics. 100% made in the USA.

About the Brand


Weird Wood is small, north east, skateboard company out of Maine. The are 100% skater owned and operated. Especially relevant is that they always include local skaters, many unknown out side of the north east except for those deep in backyard skating sub-sub-culture. Hence these underground legends do the art, design, have guest models, are often the subject of Weird Woods decks. Owner Rob Kendall, AKA Kookmyer is a local legendary eccentric skateboard nerd. The graphics often feature obscure skateboard and pop culture references from the 1980s and 90s.

“Weird Wood Skateboards was created literally in my backyard amongst and amidst the skate park with good friends and times around. It is a skateboarding company based as much in the wild art of the early days of skateboarding as the pure fun of riding your board. Our graphics and shapes pay homage to decades of skateboarding as well as the modern day. We look to expand the excitement towards graphics while keeping with the best rideable shapes and fun possible. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do…”

    – Rob Kendall


Most of all Kookmyer, being the skateboard enthusiast that he is, really cares about the product he makes. All decks are made in the US from the highest quality materials. Weird Wood is one of the few skate companies that spends the extra money to have all the art work hand screen printed. While it is said that the heat from heat transfers can ruin the integrity of the wood, like heat curing did in the early 90s. Regardless, it looks amazing. Therefore if one appreciates the quality of the bottom graphic, then screen printing is the only way to go.

Weird Wood makes ‘regular decks’, industry standard popsicle shapes. And most noteworthy they make their “Weird Shapes”. Furthermore, Kookmyer started making these “weird shapes” before it was a trend. The trend of so called “Weird Shapes” has died, but isn’t gone; it’s just no longer a trend, it is now a staple that many skaters ride as there regular boards. The second half of the second decade in the 21st century has show much more diversity in all aspects of skateboarding. As a result, brand like Weird Wood are here to stay, they are going to continue to do what they do and make what they make. Even if people stopped wanting Weird Wood, Kookmyer would still get them made, much like he started, for himself and his friends. They are truly in skating for the right reasons, for the love of it!


  • Weird Wood
  • Slap Shot-Hanson Brothers
  • Standard Popsicle Shape
  • 8.5″
  • 7 plys Canadian Maple pressed by Chapman
  • Made in the USA

WEIRD WOOD Slap Shot Hanson Brothers Skateboard Deck 8.5″