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Send Help Fisticuffs skateboard deck 8″ with grip

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Send Help Fisticuffs skateboard deck 8″

Send Help Fisticuffs skateboard deck 8″ is a new skateboard deck from Send Help. This deck and all Send Help decks are made at PS Stix with the art of Todd Bratrud. Hence the quality of art is as high as the wood, as always with Send Help. As much as the board appeals to many with its art, they don’t cut corners on any product they make.

About the Brand

Send Help is based out of Costa Mesa CA. They have develped a following based more on their board graphics than their riders. Furthermore the use the highest quality wood to compliment the art work. All of their art is by co-owner and famous skateboard artists Todd Bratrud. Hence they are stylized in a cartoony and comic book way yet retain the quality Bratrud is known for.

While Bratrud got his start for Consolidated skateboards, he has grown since then. Rather doing art out the skateboard world, only to come full circle. Bratrud is one of the most noteworthy skateboard artists. Consequently being often being featured whenever there is a skateboard art show, a book or essay on skate art, and more.

Especially relevant to Send Help, is Todd Bratrud. Most of all the company not cutting any corners; high quality art and high quality boards.

  • Send Help
  • Fisticuffs
  • 8″ Width
  • art by Todd Bratrud
  • Various Stains
  • 7 plys of Canadian Maple manufactured at PS Stix