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PIZZA SKATEBOARDS P10 NUMBER 2 Deck 8.375″ with grip

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PIZZA SKATEBOARDS P10 NUMBER 2 Deck is a new deck from Pizza Skateboards for 2017. It has clear pop culture references while maintaing a cleanly designed graphic. As a result there is a unique continuity amongst their decks.

About the Brand

Pizza Skateboards is a small, skater-owned brand based in California. Furthermore Pizza Skateboards has gone from a small word of mouth brand to a brand with adds, vidoes, and articles in the largest skate publications like Thrasher.

As much as probably most people thought that is was a cool idea for a brand, they would quickly run out of ideas. Pizza has proven them wrong. While they still do parodys of Pizza products, they have gone beyond that. This is a major acheivement by Pizza Skatboards. Now when one is not thinking of the food pizza when they hear Pizza Skateboards. They think of a skateboard brand. Many other sucessful brands have done with there name and image. Girl and Chocolate to name a few.

Althoe, despite all of this, they are still as small comapy. Most notably the brand is known for its distinctive, highly curated art direction. Pizza’s silly art direction with pop culture referances is especially relevant. Yet  very sleek and very refined. These are graphic trates typicly only seen in Euorpean skate brands.

Most of all this in unique in an american skateboard company. Pizza hasn’t been around as long as its European counterparts in skate design. And American Counteparts as a small start up board company. But rather has very quickly found the popular appeal that it rightly deserves. Seems like they are growing in popularity too fast. An issue any small company wants to have. In conclusion Pizza, who at first seemed to be a novelty brand, is here to stay. They are inovating, and we haven’t even begun to hear the story of Pizza Skateboards


  • P-10 #2 DECK
  • 8.375″
  • Industry Standard Popsicle Shape
  • 7plys of Canadian maple wood, pressed at PS Stix