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Maximum Hesh Max Hesh Enter High Score Skateboard Deck Shaped 8.8″ with free grip


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Maximum Hesh Max Hesh Enter High Score Skateboard Deck Shaped 8.8″

This is for this deck in a directional shape 8.8" at its widest. It is available in purple (shown) and peach (shown on the other shapes of this deck). If you don't write in the notes, we will pick the color, or you can write your preference when you order.

Maximum Hesh Max Hesh Enter High Score Skateboard Deck Shaped 8.8″ is a new deck from Max Hesh for Summer 2017. The deck shown is available in purple and peach color ways. Everything Max Hesh is always 100% by skaters for skaters. Hence this graphic is by local Boston area skater and artist, James Wells. This graphic is hand screen printed. This is the standard popsicle shape deck. 100% maple wood, hand pressed, shaped and printed in the USA.

About The Artist

James Wells, grew up in southern Berkshire county (sheffield) started skating at the Great Barrington Skate Park as a kid. He went to MassArt in 2009.

… just really thankful I met all of the rad people who boost me up to keep making cool things and stay positive. People at Boston Hassle keep on getting me to do cool posters, love those guys.
-James Wells

You can find more of James’ work here

About the Brand


MAX HESH is short for Maximum Hesh, a Boston based skateboard shop in Somerville MA. As most skate shops do in 2017, they make skate gear and apparel branded with their name on it.

The name of the shop came from owner and founder Todd Brugman screen printing some joke issues of iconic Punk Rock Zine “Maximum Rock and Roll”. As a result naming the shop Max Hesh on a whim. Consequently Max Hesh uses a 1980s American Hardcore Punk Rock ascetic.


Most Noteworthy is the shops strong ethics of welcoming all and only carrying the highest quality goods. They don’t follow the 2017 skateboard shop playbook. That is a huge shoe wall and tons of clothing that isn’t skate companies. Rather they focus on there decks, wheels, bearings, trucks, bolts, nuts, rails and more. Number one is skateboard hard goods, and goods that meet their quality standards. Max Hesh doesn’t carry a company just because it is popular, they carry it only if it is they highest quality skate product available. No sub par quality decks hang on their walls. This has gained them a reputation of trust within the local scene, with a core following. All ages and genders of skaters can be found there on any given day. They promote inclusive skating not exclusive hence adopting the slogan “Skate Among Us”, taken from the Misfits Album Walk Among Us. Most noteworthy is that they are a skaters skate shop, that is all skaters from all backgrounds and experience levels.

  • Max Hesh Skateboard Deck
  • “Enter High Score”
  • All over peach stain
  • Standard Popsicle Shape
  • Available in sizes 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″, 8.5″, and 8.62″
  • Hand Pressed , Shaped, and hand screen printed by Pennswood
  • Made in the USA
  • Art by Boston area skater and artist James Wells

Maximum Hesh Max Hesh Enter High Score Skateboard Deck Shaped 8.8″