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ELEMENT Skateboards Ariel Perl Guest Model Colab Limited Edition deck


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ELEMENT Skateboards Ariel Perl Guest Model Colab Limited Edition deck

ELEMENT Skateboards Ariel Perl Guest Model Colab Limited Edition deck is a new skateboard deck from Element for their 25th Anniversary. For Elements 25th Anniversary they contacted skateboard shops in different areas of the country to do collaborations, in the case with Maximum Hesh. It was decided for the colab to be an Ariel Perl Guest Model. Most Noteworthy is that Ariel is a living legend in the Boston skate scene. He is known for his technical ledge skating. Yet he isn’t just a tech ledge skater, he can skate all street, even park including bowls and ramps. Furthermore Ariel is hands down the most respected skater in the city of Boston. This deck comes in Sizes 7.6″, 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″, and 8.5″.

Ariel has decided to donated his royalties from this deck to a charity. The money will be going towards helping low income youth stay out of trouble and find positivity through skating.

About the Brand

Element is one of the larger companies in skateboarding. They were founded in 1992, originally called “Underworld Element” bursting onto the scene with street skating classic video like “Sky Pager”. Furthermore, not long after, their name became shortened to just “Element”, rather what is to this day. Element skateboards are the most popular skateboard brand worldwide. Hence, they produce a product that skaters know they can trust.

Furthermore they have always had a skateboard team that is especially relevant to contemporary skating. Consequently its always consisted of the best in the world, from street to vert, ride for Element.

Element is always a skateboard company, and always will be, yet they are known for there successful transition into also being an apparel company. This is something many skateboard brands have tried and failed at. Their success is shown by the fact that most people are familiar with the brand yet don’t know that Element makes skateboards.

In conclusion, Element hasn’t let their success take them away from skating. Rather they have used it to improve the technology of skateboards, bring skating to 3rd world countries, do collaborations that no one thought possible in skating, and so much more. As a result of their commitment to skating, element is a skateboard company that makes products that skaters trust.

  • Element 25th Anniversary Colab Series
  • Ariel Perl Guest Model
  • Limited edition
  • Officially Licensed Product from MLB
  • Sizes 7.6″, 7.75″, 8.0″, 8.25″. 8.5″ available
  • 7 plys of Canadian Maple manufactured at Bareback