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Thrasher Magazine Thrasher Hackett T Shirt Black


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Thrasher Magazine Thrasher Hackett T Shirt Black

Thrasher Magazine Thrasher Hackett T Shirt Black is a new shirt from Thrasher. It features legendary skater Dave Hackett, in the classic photo of him acid dropping off of a van. They are a skateboard magazine often referred to as “The Bible”. Hence Thrasher has become synonyms with skateboarding. Skaters have always worn there clothing. Rather there logo is a timeless logo in skateboarding.

About the Brand

Thrasher is a monthly skateboard magazine founded in 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swenson, and Fausto Vitello. Now they are part of High Speed Productions. Most notably is has not only become THE skateboard new magazine. While it is just skateboard media, Thrasher clothing, often just a screen printed t-shirt, has become in recent year very high demand street wear.

The Thrasher t’s and hat have been and are staple amongst core skaters. Yet the more fancy clothing, unique jackets and such are worn by skaters, but also are in high demand amongst the street wear crowd. Thrasher has historically been seen on musicians, but often punk rock acts that are closely related to skating like Agent Orange, The Loud Ones and more. Furthermore, in recent years, pop musicians and celebrities such as Rihanna and Lil’ Wane have been seen wearing Thrasher clothing

Rather trends come and go, yet Thrasher is always here for skateboarding. In conclusion, Thrasher might be popular now, and thats good for skateboarding, but when it isn’t popular history shows us that Thrasher will always be here for skateboarding.

  • Color: Black
  • Dave Hackett T Shirt Black
  • T-Shirt
  • 100% cotton
  • Sizes: Mens small through XL