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Consolidated Chill 25 Year Anniversary Slip Ons Skateboard Shoes


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Consolidated Chill 25 Year Anniversary Slip Ons Skateboard Shoes

Consolidated Chill 25 Year Anniversary Slip Ons Skateboard Shoes are new shoes from Consolidated Skateboards.  They have been at the forefront of the “Don’t Do it” movement for the past 15+ years. Now, instead of just telling people to buy skater owned shoes companies that support skateboarding, Consolidated has gone and made there own skateboard shoes. Rather they have been responsible for some of the most memorable and controversial happenings in skateboarding. They have made skateboard shoes prior to this, but they were novelty shoes for the most part. These shoes are built strong for skating. Furthermore for over 25 years they continued to put out quality skateboard products like this without straying from their identity.

About the brand

Consolidated is known, probably more than any other company, as a “core skateboard company”. A brand with all the “core” skate values. Hence the Consolidated Cube has surpassed that of simply a company logo. It is an image representing core skateboard values. Consequently it has become a symbol in skating similar to how the Black Flag logo has become a symbol of hardcore american punk rock. Most of all the Consolidated Skateboards Cube is a  a timeless logo who’s meaning is ineffable to those that don’t skate.

Never afraid to do there own thing and stand strong. The have the slogan “Rather be forgotten then remembered for giving in”. consequently, that is exactly how Consolidated has operated. They are one of only a few, and the longest lasting brand to stick to skateboardings core values. They have called out large corporations, and anyone, with disregard on how it will impact them as a brand. Anyone and everyone is fair game in their eyes.

This ethos has given consolidated a cult following. Not as large as a brand as they once were, and they were never huge; Consolidated is here to stay. In conclusion, their core skateboard values, controversial board graphics, starting the “Don’t Do It Foundation”, and being unafraid to call out anyone doing anything they don’t like has most likely helped them than hurt them in the long run. “Consolidated Skateboarders started in 1992 because we wanted to do things our way.  We continue to hold true to our belief that skateboarding should be owned and run by skateboarders, and that’s why it’s important to support your local skate shop, rather than corporate mall and sporting goods chains.


-Steve “Birdo”

  • “Chill” 25 Year Anniversary Slip Ons
  • Suade Uppe
  • Vulc sole for board feel
  • Black with White sole
  • Slip Ons
  • US Mens Sizes 7 to 12

Consolidated Chill 25 Year Anniversary Slip Ons Skateboard Shoes